Tora V’daat

Creating an elite group of high-tech professionals among Haredi men

Introducing Tora V’Daat

Tora V’Daat (‘Torah and Knowledge’) is creating an elite group of high-tech professionals within the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. It does so by supporting a group of brilliant and highly-motivated young men, and providing them with the necessary tools and resources to attain a prestigious Computer Science BSc degree, fill leading industry positions and become role models in their communities.
This innovative program recruits ultra-Orthodox Jewish men, often unable to integrate into quality employment for lack of required credentials, let alone the School of Computer Science & Engineering at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HBRU) – one of the world’s top-rated academic institutes – and supports them through their studies. Tora V’Daat creates a social and academic ecosystem that closes education gaps, reduces dropout rates from 46% to 3%, and brings Haredi students to the level of their classmates, maximizing their chances of success and preparing them for leading roles in the high-tech industry.


An Echoing Impact


1st, 2nd and 3rd year computer science students at HBRU


participant retention


dropout rate - down from 46% before Tora V’Daat


noticeable performance gap compared to other students

Why Tora V’Daat

The Wider Perspective

Tora V’Daat levels out the playing field, enabling young Haredi men to overcome education gaps (relative to the general population), graduate from a prestigious academic institution, and secure high-demand roles in the Israeli high-tech industry.

To guide participants through a challenging BSc degree in computer science, the program has partnered with The Hebrew University to create a supportive learning environment tailored to the specific requirements of these students. The program provides academic, social, and financial support to the students, helping them focus on successfully completing their degrees. Alongside this much needed support, the program facilitates mentorship from other ultra-Orthodox professionals already working in the industry, provides real-world exposure to the tech industry, and boosts students’ English-language skills through a dedicated bootcamp. These efforts have proven to reduce dropout rates, close education gaps, and bring Haredi students to the level of their classmates.

What Graduates, Employers & Community Members Are Saying

“The connection, and the very significant mental and financial support, helped me and my family pass the first year of studies successfully, beyond all my expectations.”
2nd year computer science student at the Hebrew University
“Coming here was an important step for me, but it’s not easy making this way alone. The Portland Trust and its amazing staff have taken care of all of my worries.”
Yanki Wolman
computer science student
The Hebrew University
“Thanks to The Portland Trust, I managed to pay my tuition, to afford my living expenses, and also to get into one-of-a-kind social framework.”
Shimon Yifrach
computer science and physics student
The Hebrew University
“I am a third-year student in the program. I feel grateful to The Portland Trust for enabling me through economic and social support. I’m now privileged to mentor younger participants in this program.”
3rd year computer science student
The Hebrew University
“The Portland program is amazing. It allows me to fully commit to my studying. Not only do they help me with my financial needs, they go way beyond both by giving me tutors in subjects I have a hard time understanding and also with emotional support by connecting me with amazing staff that are always there to help with anything I need.”
1st year student
The Hebrew University


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