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Expanding the geographic and social boundaries of the Israeli tech industry
“The remarkable ingenuity of the high-tech industry in Israel is undeniable.
Yet, social and geographical biases prevent too many qualified employees from filling relevant positions. At Portland Israel, we aim to expand the geographic and social boundaries of the Israeli tech industry, by challenging talent acquisition biases, creating new opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship, and developing the infrastructure that will provide access into the industry for tech professionals from Israel’s underserved communities.”
Rami Schwartz
Managing Director Portland Israel

About Portland Israel

At Portland Israel, we combine our experience, knowledge, and past success in varied disciplines – including the high-tech industry, entrepreneurship, government, and academic research - to transform the way the high-tech industry looks at talent acquisition.

We challenge conventions, and redefine the recruitment process and environment, boldly opening up the industry so that an untapped talent pool from the social and geographic periphery – mainly the Arab, Druze, Bedouin, and Haredi communities – can both contribute and enjoy its benefits.

Setting our sights on true transformation, not just checking off a social responsibility clause, we are also influencing legislation, raising funds, and shifting the industry’s landscape, to make room for the most overlooked and underserved members of society.

Through our programs, we are proud to have recruited, trained, and placed hundreds of candidates with top-tier employers, boasting a 92% placement success rate. We have successfully established employment tech-hubs in Daliat-El-Carmel and the village of Zarzir, and the first innovation and employment center in the Arab city of Sakhnin. These tech hubs and innovation center promote local entrepreneurship and facilitate the cultural requirements of the communities they serve.

Portland Israel is a subsidiary of The Portland Trust UK, a non-profit organization, established in 2003 by Sir Ronald Cohen and Sir Harry Solomon, with the mission of promoting peace and stability between Israelis and Palestinians, through economic development on both sides.

Portland Israel Partners

Dr. Nasreen Haddad Haj-Yahya

A senior researcher and the former director of the Arab-Jewish Relations Program at the Israel Democracy Institute, Dr. Haddad-Haj Yahya is an expert on government plans, workforce development, formal and informal education and state-minority relations, among other issues. She holds an MA in education and social geography, and her PhD from Tel Aviv University centers on the phenomenon of “NEET” – people Neither in Education, Employment or Training – among the younger Arab generation.

Einath McMurray Aharon

Einath had a five-year term as CEO of Young Business Leadership, a public benefit company which strives to close socio-economic gaps in Israel. Previously product manager at Photomedex and a mentor in global business studies at Tel Aviv University, she holds an MBA from there and a BA from Ben-Gurion University.

Rami Schwartz
Managing Director

Previously president of Amdocs and active chairman, CEO, and entrepreneur with ten different startups, Rami was a pilot in the Israeli Air Force, who retired as a full colonel. He holds a BSc from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Aiman Saif

Aiman headed the Authority for Economic Development of the Minorities Sector in the Prime Minister’s Office, and led GR-922 with a total budget of NIS 13B. He holds an MBA from Bamberg University and an MA from Clark University.


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