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    Muhammad Galia
    7 January, 2024

    I am Muhammad Galia from Sakhnin, a former student of the private school “Albasheir”.
    I was recognized as a good student and was accepted into the prestigious “Etgar” program for outstanding students, which granted me the opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Haifa during my 10th grade.

    However, I faced challenges when I failed two courses at the University of Haifa and eventually withdrew from the program. Undeterred, I shifted my focus to my high school studies and achieved a commendable score on my psychometric exam.

    After graduating from high school, I made the decision to take a year off before continuing my academic journey. With unwavering support from my parents, who have always encouraged my independence in decision-making since childhood, I was accepted to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The first year of my university journey was tough, and I encountered difficulties, particularly in math courses which resulted in lower grades. The second year posed even greater challenges, as I took eight courses but passed only one of them. It was a heavy burden that took a toll on my mental and emotional well-being. If I had faced this in my freshman year, I might have considered dropping out. However, I persevered and took control of the situation. Drawing from my experience in my first year, I learned to plan my courses more efficiently, and ultimately graduated with an 80 average. After completing my graduation, I enrolled in a technology course at one of the known private learning academies with the hope of developing my skills and landing my first job in the high-tech industry. However, I soon realized that the course lacked the support I needed to achieve my goals. Despite submitting numerous job applications for a year, I did not receive any interview invitations, which was disheartening. As a result, I returned to my hometown of Sakhnin and took up a job in a fruit and vegetable store, performing physically demanding tasks like delivering and lifting heavy boxes.

    This experience was humiliating for me as a graduate of Jerusalem University and caused me to go through a deep mental crisis. It was then that a friend recommended the Fursa program to me, and with nothing to lose, I decided to give it a try (Fursa was founded and is affiliated to The Portland Trust – קרן פורטלנד ישראל). I was accepted into my first job as a DevOps Engineer at DataLoop, and I credit Fursa for providing me with the essential tools and skills needed to excel in my work. In fact, I strongly believe that without the solid foundation I acquired from the Fursa program, I would not have been a competitive candidate for my current position as a DevOps specialist. Moreover, the course gave me the opportunity to participate in interviews and showcase my abilities, which ultimately led me to secure my first position in the high-tech industry.

    Today, I am highly valued by my colleagues and managers, who trust me with heavy responsibilities. The level of appreciation and satisfaction I experience is unparalleled. Despite initially facing rejection from high-tech companies for a year and a half, I persisted and made the most of the opportunity presented to me at Fursa, eventually earning a promotion to a more senior position within the company.

    Tips for juniors

    1. Don’t give up and keep pushing forward in your job search. Be persistent and persevere, even if it means applying for positions that may not be your ideal choice initially. Establishing a foothold in high-tech companies is crucial and remember that things will eventually work out.
    2. Utilize LinkedIn as a valuable resource and send resumes to individuals who may not be personally known to you. This approach can be effective in making your resume stand out and improving its chances of being considered seriously by recruiters.
      Relevant Programs Fursa Program

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