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    Baria Guamis
    12 February, 2024

    I am Bariya Jawamees, 28 years old from Zarzir, holding a BA in Math and Special Education from Haifa University. I had to finance my studies on my own, working in manual jobs, as I needed to help the family. Once graduated, I had to settle for temporary teaching jobs only. Since the Arab and Bedouin communities have a surplus of teachers, I could not land a permanent position for lack of opening.

    Therefore, I started looking for other opportunities, for a different career path. Unfortunately, living in a village in the periphery, there is a shortage of quality jobs and I found none. During that period, I heard from my sister about Samana, the new tech-hub that was opening in Zarzir.

    I took my time until I decided to try and apply. Frankly, I thought it would be too difficult to integrate into the hi-tech industry. It was so remote from my life. I knew not even one woman who managed to do it. I had no role model. I consulted my brother, who studied Engineering at the Technion, and he told me that to enter the hi-tech will be an arduous process, that it is a very demanding territory. My concerns did not evaporate (on the contrary) but I wasn’t deterred. I decided to try and make it and indeed I was accepted to the first training course of Samana. It was a long and intensive course, in which I invested myself head on. Along the way, the road ahead started to become clearer. I studied, took part in simulations of interviews, bridged many of the gaps education wise and culture wise till the completion of the whole process. I did it! I passed the interviews and integrated into a leading hi-tech company. Today I am part of a team of engineers in Samana, working from our tech hub in Zarzir, at the heart of the Bedouin society.

    Samana for me, and for other teachers who are looking for career change opportunity (and all the other young women), is a real game breaker.

    It provides an access into a quality and fulfilling career, and a door into a reality that was previously just a dream.

    I proved to myself that with substantial investment and motivation I can make it. And I tell everyone and especially those women who like me did not find teaching positions, that it is possible to become part of the hi-tech. I hope to be a role model in my village now, I happily share my story with the younger generation, encouraging them to make the effort, perform the leap of change, and join me in this new realm.

    I am happy to be of the first cycle of Bedouin women that made Samana real. I am proud to have made it so far.

      Relevant Programs Samana Program

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