Integrating Bedouin women from the north of Israel into the tech ecosystem

Introducing Samana

Meaning ‘our sky’ in Arabic, Samana is much more than a name – it is a promise of a better life, one where even the sky is not a limit. Aiming to create quality employment opportunities for Bedouin women that are adapted to the cultural constraints of their communities, the Samana program identifies talented candidates and provides them with the skills and working environment required to launch a career in the tech world.

The program identifies, screens, and reskills qualified Bedouin women and, through an intensive four-month long ‘bootcamp’ course, provides them with the professional and soft skills required to find their place in the tech world, with careers in QA and QA automation for ERP and CRM systems.

In order to adhere to traditional restrictions, Samana goes beyond training and mentoring to create significant employment opportunities, as well as the local facilities that enable these women to develop their careers. The Samana women-only tech hub provides a safe zone for women in the village of Zarzir, and is a part of Portland Israel’s network of nation-wide employment hubs for underserved communities. These tech hubs cater to the women’s cultural requirements, while acting as a center of excellence in various technological domains.


An Echoing Impact


of Samana graduates have been integrated into R&D departments as QA Automation Engineers


women-only tech hub in the Bedouin community


of Samana trainees graduated the program


Bedouin women have led the Samana program since its inception


Why Samana

The Wider Perspective

Samana was founded by a school principal, Bushra Mazareb, who witnessed the lack of opportunities faced by young Bedouin women despite their talent, ambition, and outstanding capabilities. This prompted a decision to create a program that would provide educated women from the Bedouin community in northern Israel, mainly graduates of non-STEM tracks, with the opportunity to join the tech workforce, in accordance with their cultural requirements.

The Samana program initiated a local tech hub and employment opportunities that adhere to cultural restrictions, but nonetheless enable Bedouin women to develop a career in technology. Without driving, working, or studying outside their village boundaries, graduates are integrated into the Israeli high-tech industry, and empowered to provide for themselves and their families

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What Graduates, Employers & Community Members Are Saying

“For me, being a participant in this project gave me a new life-changing opportunity – an opportunity to recreate myself and actually have a career with a future.”
Salma Iaada
“I’ve always wanted to join the high-tech industry and build a career, and I found the perfect opportunity by participating in the Samana project.”
Roaya Heib
“It’s been difficult, but I was strong enough to withstand it, and am still receiving the wholehearted support of every mentor and guide.”
Abir Taha
“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen Michael Jordan.

Portland makes the steps in High-tech much easier and closer to success with their support،listening،expertise and the tools they give to me.”
Hadil Hassan

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