Paving a path for talented Arab junior developers into the Israeli high-tech industry

Introducing Fursa

The Fursa program recruits outstanding computer science graduates from the Arab community, trains and prepares them for specific high-demand roles, and places them into desirable, entry-level positions in the Israeli high-tech industry.
Fursa identifies high-achieving Arab BSc computer science graduates who can bring significant value to the tech industry but, despite their skills and academic achievements, can’t find their way in. Following a meticulous selection process, Fursa provides these elite candidates with hands-on DevOps training, developed in cooperation with employers, plus real-world corporate access, and unparalleled support. These actions aim to fill in the inequality and employability gaps, enabling talented junior developers to find employment and hit the ground running.
From their end, employers gain access to a new talent pool, and are matched with loyal, motivated, highly-skilled candidates, perfectly suited to the position they are intended for. These team members work locally, rather than at offshore centers, earning their employers financial incentives, bundled into a smart and simple business model.


An Echoing Impact


successful job placement


Fursa graduates employed as DevOps engineers


of Fursa alumni retained after incentive period


of Fursa’s first graduates have so far contributed 164M NIS to the Israeli economy


Why Fursa

The Wider Perspective

Fursa emerged from the realization that Arab communities may have many outstanding engineers and STEM graduates, yet they are often underemployed. The program recruits high-achieving Arab BSc computer science graduates who have struggled to secure entry-level positions in the industry due to their unique circumstances. These include geographical barriers, as they are often located outside the industry center of the country, an absence of a relevant network and role models that can aid and guide candidates through the process of finding and attaining quality employment, and less practical experience gained during their studies. Other obstacles may involve inferior interviewing skills, and the challenges of age, as typically they are younger, which means less life experience and confidence. Nonetheless, the one common factor shared by Fursa candidates, is a desire to prove themselves.

Fursa recognizes that these barriers have a profound influence on candidates’ chances of success and seeks to bridge these gaps – for both talent and employers. Recruits from this untapped talent pool are brought up to speed and have their education of the profession rounded out with support and training – from the soft skills required for interviewing and teamwork, to the hard tech, practical DevOps skills required for specific industry roles. Through Fursa’s intensive program, this under-represented group is empowered to become an invaluable resource for the high-tech world, and wider Israeli community.

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What Graduates, Employers & Community Members Are Saying

“At Fursa, they guide you step-by-step towards getting a job, from the technical part to the HR sessions. The best part is that they don’t give up on you, ever.”
Sewar Drawshe
Solutions Engineer
Dataloop Ai
“It is not just a course to help you prepare for work in a high-tech company, but a family that looks after you at all times.”
Ibraheem Sarsour
Software Developer
Dataloop AI
“The workload was not easy, but now companies are looking for me – it's not me looking for them. The job I was hired for makes me feel like I’m in the right place.”
Nidal Ayob
Java Developer
"Our great experience with Portlands' programs graduates and their smooth integration in Finastra, led us to expand the firm's R&D activity to the north".
Gilad Shoshani
"Fursa has been an invaluable partner to Kaltura, consistently going above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met. "Fursa has been an invaluable partner to Kaltura, consistently going above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met. Fursa's bootcamp have proven to take candidates to the extreme by giving them tools and methods to overcome any challenge on the way".
Niv Shlomo
VP, DevOps at Kaltura
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"I have found the things I look for as a manager in our employees who graduated from Fursa". "I have found the things I look for as a manager in our employees who graduated from Fursa. They were successfully absorbed into the organization, and mostly demonstrated independent learning abilities and entered into new domains they were not familiar with prior. They have the ability to learn on their own, find creative solutions for our tasks and realize them. I am very satisfied with the people on both a personal level and professional level".
Gal Aharoni
Software Team Lead at Vayyar Imaging
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